If I was to be asked the question posed in the title of this post then my answer would be ‘It depends upon YOUR requirements’. To be honest there are a wide range of options available today that can all do a great job, but the perfect choice for you is determined by a number of factors such as your allocated budget, size of your garden, whether the tool is for domestic or commercial use, and the power of the unit required.

Whether you know them as weed eaters, weed wackers or string trimmers there is no denying that since their inception in the 1970′s the popularity of these tools has grown considerably. Whenever you need to cut grass or weeds that are located close to other objects such as trees, decking or raised beds etc then it is very awkward to achieve a neat finish with a lawnmower. This is where a weed eater review can help as it allows you to trim right up against these obstacles without damaging your gas powered trimmer and can make it easy to achieve a neat finish to your lawn.


Such is the popularity of these tools it is now a difficult task to decide which is the best weed eater to buy as a range of different options are available on the market. Every person will be using the tool in unique circumstances so it is important to understand the range of trimmers available if you are to make an informed choice. There is a lot of information included within the product specification pages but it is important to understand exactly what these options mean and how they impact upon the ability of the tool to do the job that you require from it. This is the purpose of this website – to provide detailed information about a wide range of tools so that you can decide which one is best suited for you and your garden. We will explain what types of grass trimmers are available and what factors you need to consider before buying. To help you to decide which brand and model is best suited we have also put together a comprehensive collection of weed eater reviews so that you can find out exactly what other people think about the tools.

How They Work?

The tools provide an advantage over a regular lawnmower because they are more adept at accessing terrain that is more difficult to cut because of the close proximity of such things as rocks, steps or trees. The reason that trimmers are able to cut so closely to these obstacles is in part due to the type of ‘cutting tool’ that they employ. There are two types of material used to cut the terrain – the most common choice is plastic string or a metal blade can be used to level tough scrub.  The string employed in the tools is available in a range of differing thicknesses which determine the type of terrain that they are capable of cutting. Generally speaking a thicker string will be capable of tackling more difficult terrain. The trimmer will spin the string at a speed fast enough (up to 400mph)  to maintain a ‘solid edge’ which will make short work of unruly grass or weeds.

Choosing a Cordless Weed Eater

Battery operated or cordless string trimmers have become increasingly popular over recent years as more people seek a simple solution that allows them to freely access all areas of their garden. These types of weed eaters are perfect solutions for people who only need to use the tool on smaller jobs where there is no need for the extra power that is provided in a gas powered trimmer.


When compared to electric weed eaters where there is a need to plug in a power cord, a cordless alternative offers a compelling alternative. As long as you have ensured that you have a rechargeable battery powered up then you can simply connect the battery pack to the main device and get to work on any area of your garden that you desire. There is no need to worry about how far you are away from a power socket or getting extension leads and power cords tangled up.

As with corded units a battery powered trimmer will often be lighter than a gas alternative making it easy to manoeuvre around the garden. These units also offer a much quieter operation than more powerful gas units.


Dependant upon the type of battery pack used in the unit you may find that the life of the battery is too short to complete the job in one go. Many units nowadays offer a second battery back which in most cases will eliminate this problem but it is still worth bearing in mind if you plan on using the tool for a sustained length of time.An obvious minus point of using a corded electric weed eater is the limitations on exactly how far away from a power source you can use the tool. For most gardens it is a necessity to have access to an extension cable if you wish to use the tool in all areas. Dependant upon the type of model that is purchased you may also find that an electric trimmer lacks the same level of power that can be achieved using a gas alternative.


Trimmer Features

The type of grass trimmer that you purchase will be in some way determined by the type of features that are available on each unit. For example some trimmers also offer an ‘edging’ facility which will make it easy to keep a neat edge along surfaces. Most of the units offer some form of spool system to dispense the cutting string so that you can maintain maximum performance. Such factors as telescopic poles to allow for height adjustment or lightweight units that make it easy to handle are also very important if you are going to be working for a period of time.

How A Grass Trimmer Works

Here is a great video outlining exactly how these tools work. This will provide you with a great overview of what options are available.

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