Freestanding custom decks are the type of decks that usually do not have any attached post that are well held with cement to the ground. It is just directly placed into a concrete pad in the ground. Building a freestanding deck is quite simple but you to exercise proper procedure to make it durable and strong.

First, gather two pieces of lumber and place it on a work table. The lumber should be 96 inches long and 2 by 10 inch in thickness.  Position the two pieces on the table.

Measure the lumber starting from its one edge. Get 16 inches from the end and mark it. Use a framing square and a pencil in marking a straight line in every 16 inches.

Screw a 1-¼ inch joist hangers in every 16 inch mark. Make sure that you properly center the joist to balance it out properly. After that, install two of the 7 inch 2 by 10 inch lumber in the center between the both lumbers. You can use a 3 inch deck screws in fastening the 2 by 10 inch lumber. Install the remaining lumber by putting them on the joist hanger. Still use a 3 inch screw in this process.

Soon after, put the first part of 5/4 inch decking on the frame parallel to the timber on the joist hanger. Fasten it using a 2 inch deck screws.

Lastly, follow the first piece with the second piece of decking. Make sure that they are separated from each other. Do the same process as the first one until all the decking has been put together.

It’s a good ideal for your home.

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